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Gaia Herbs

Peppermint Leaf Extract

This extract has been added to the daily regimen of external pain relief for muscular pain. Some of TOL’s Staff personally include their own home-made peppermint extract in their muscle pain relief regimen. Our owner, Robert Trevino has been referring gaia herbs products to TOL’s visitors, his Nice Jewelry by Rob Copper Jewelry Clients, and his personal network, for years.

Torie & Howard

Organic Chewie Fruities & Hard Candy

Simply put, everything from Torie & Howard has TOL’s Stamp of Approval.

Organic Fair

Organic Lavendar Buds

Simply put, everything from Organic Fair has TOL’s Stamp of Approval.

Alteya Organics

Bulgarian Organic Rose Water

This Rose Water is perfect for refreshing the body’s skin & hair.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho, DC




Located in: The Hangars

4030 Birch Street, Suite 107
Newport Beach, California 92660

Phone: (714) 227-1125 | Website: CleanSpine.com

Located in Newport Beach, CA/USA, Dr. Tyler Bigenho is in a league of his own! A chiropractic session with Dr. Bigenho, is well worth the drive, or flight! With so many Chiropractors to choose from, choosing the right Chiropractor can be extremely difficult and frustrating, when your skeletal issues remain the same after multiple visits with multiple Chiropractors. I was referred to Dr. Bigenho by Dr. Joseph Cipriano, DC (Located in Greenville, SC/USA). P.S. This is the first Chiropractor that has actually checked in on me, to see how I’m doing after my chiropractic session | I’m impressed!

Rob Trevino | Admin: TheOrganicList.com

Read my complete Write-Up on Dr. Tyler Bigenho, DC, “Here

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